Call for Papers: ‘Biblical exegesis between East and West’ RES 3/2014

The last two centuries have brought Western and Eastern Europe closer to one another. The first universities were founded in the Balkan countries as a result of this encounter, and theology became part of the academic disciplines. For Romania, the university of Czernowitz was a rich source in the field of Biblical studies, so that most of the Bible scholars and docents came from there. They wrote textbooks and Biblical commentaries according to the Western model, which are still employed today. However, during the last decades the Orthodox Church have striven for its own style/concept of Biblical exegesis. It is not quite satisfied with the historical criticism and with the academic theology in general, particularly when the spiritual perspective is ignored.

RES issue 3/2014 invites authors of various confessions to discuss the differences and similarities in the field of Biblical studies and to illustrate the extent to which they have mutually learned from one another. How can an Orthodox Bible scholar employ the historical-critical method? What could a Protestant theologian learn from the Orthodox Biblical exegesis? Is there an Orthodox Biblical exegesis at all? What would be its characteristics and what is the opinion of the rather critical Bible scholars on this approach?

The deadline for submission is the 31th of May 2014. For further information please visit:

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The articles sent for publication will be written in Eglish or German and must consider the RES editorial guidelines. After selection the articles will undergo a blind-reviewing process. This will clarify which articles will be published and also the possible improvement or additions that are to be made by the authors.

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